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Our Investing Services

Located in The Village Bank, Village Wealth Management is a full service weath planning and investment management firm. Our practice is wholly owned by The Village Bank, a leading community bank which celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2010. We also have a relationship with a major independent broker dealer – LPL Financial – where your funds would be held and managed by us.

The mission of Village Wealth Management is to help you simplify the demands of managing your wealth so you can devote more time to your personal endeavors. We can help you optimize your assets, streamline sources of income, manage employee benefits, savings plans, design and implement an investment strategy, review insurance coverage, and assist with estate preparation.

Our preferred model is advisory investing. In this approach, you compensate us with an advisory fee based on the size of your account. This fee replaces transaction fees, sales charges, and commissions generated by the purchase or sale of securities. It is our belief that advisory investing aligns our interests with yours: to successfully work toward your investment goals over time.

Investment Management Services consist of:

  • Select the appropriate asset allocation strategy based on your life stage and risk tolerance.
  • Choose high quality, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and/or individual stocks and bonds.
  • Monitor the performance of the investments and their management teams, and making alterations to the portfolio as trends and events dictate.
  • Make selective trades at year end to optimize your tax situation.
  • Meet with you to review performance, the markets, and the state of economy.
  • Rebalance the accounts as needed, usually twice a year.